Time changes everything, photography, people, objects, and  places.  It transitions our perceptions, associations, and uses, of places, things or people. These photographs record and attest to the evolution of some of these changes.

   Wilson's Hill Cemetery is no longer active as a place of internment for loved ones.  That phase in time has long passed. The cemetery that I photograph has and is still being transformed.
It has undergone a change of meaning.  The cemetery has evolved and moved to a place in history, to be seen through a new window of time.

   This is a tranquil place, slowly decaying, even though there have been some efforts to preserve the memory of another time.  I hope that my photographs will preserve a little of what this place is.  The people interred here were part of the pioneers that built this country.  Like many of the stones which are worn and whose names are faded and unreadable they are known to me only by what they left behind.  In some way these photographs try to recognize their contribution.