November 8, 2008

As an artist I feel a need to talk about the world around me, about those things that affect me,
and about those things that make me think about who I am. 
As a photographer my tools to do this talking are cameras, film, and whatever experience I have garnered in my life.
These enable me to interpret what I see and feel.
My hope is always to photograph with honesty, integrity and a reverence for the people, things and places that I photograph.  If you view my photographs and experience something about their time and the place, and get a sense of being able to bring some  of your judgment or enjoyment to the image, then I have accomplished some of what I have set out to do.

Fred Leibl
I have been photographing for over thirty five years.  During this time I have educated myself through extensive reading on the subject, attending workshops. and learning by association  with well-known, experienced photographers. 
I was an early member of the Toronto Photographers Cooperative, and taught photography at Seneca College, Lawrence Ave. campus for three years.  During the past number of years I had a close association with Paul Hoeffler who acted as my mentor.  I continue to participate with other photographers in order to interact and exchange current thoughts and ideas.

North York Civic Center
Various Libraries
One-Man Show in The Junction, 2003                                                              Currently  represented by the Coldwater Gallery